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Ogmore Castle - South Wales

Tuesday 13 November 2012

The old bridge...

The History

Ogmore Castle is located near the village of Ogmore-by-Sea, south of the town of Bridgend in Glamorgan, South Wales.

Ogmore was one of three castles built in the area in the early 12th century, the others being Coity Castle and Newcastle Castle. It was in use until the 19th century for a range of purposes, including a court of justice and a prison,

Construction of Ogmore Castle might have started around 1106. Its foundation predating the Norman conquest. In Caradoc of Llancarfan's The historie of Cambria, now called Wales: a part of the most famous yland of Brytaine, Caradoc wrote that the manor and castle were given to William de Londres, one of the legendary Twelve Knights of Glamorgan, by Robert Fitzhamon, the Norman conqueror of Glamorgan. In 1116, William de Londres was forced to abandon the castle when the Welsh appeared in force. His butler, Arnold, is credited with protecting the castle from the Welsh attack during the absence of William de Londres, and for this, he was knighted Sir Arnold Butler, also receiving the castle and manor of Dunraven as reward.

According to the custom of the times, the founding of a religious institution followed the acquisition of power. William de Londres, or his descendant John, built Ewenny Abbey 1 mile from the castle. Also nearby was a religious place appended to Ogmore Castle by Morris de Londres or his descendant John, in 1141; Ewenny Priory is 2 miles from Ogmore Castle.

The Investigation

We arrived at this location in total darkness and also with no prior knowledge of the castle or the surrounding area. We parked up and got ready for a night of hunting! We walked around, taking photos and generally getting a feel of the place. The more of the castle we uncovered, the more happy we became. It was in great condition and was just amazing coming so close and being to walk through the old rooms and staircases. As we were walking around, we had heard a strange dragging sound. We couldn't really explain what it was.

Alex kept seeing strange lights coming across from the other side of the castle. We discovered that this was from car lights on the other side of the estuary. We had some swear words coming through on the ghost box. They were not very welcoming to say the least...

We had some great activity on the bridge. Michael saw a large round black mass, that looked like a boulder. At the very same time as Michael saw this black mass, Alex heard a bang, also coming from the bridge. We had lots of hits on the K2 metre in one particular spot on the bridge. It seemed to light up when we asked questions, but only on this spot. There are no power cables in or around the grounds of the castle.

Alex also saw a white shape move across a part of the wall on the south side of the castle, towards the end of the investigation.

The Conclusion

This was truly a great location, but we didn't capture anything on audio, camera or on video. It was just personal experiences that can possibly be explained with more time. We think that this castle may be haunted and we would need to come back and spend more time here and do more experiments.

Maybe Haunted...