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The Lamb Inn - Little Harrowden

Friday 28 September 2012

The high street...

The History

This quant little pub is situated in the village of Little Harrowden, just past Wellingborough. It is set in the middle of rural surroundings. Stories of a fire many years in the past, but no particular dates could be found. The pub is said to have many stories of hauntings over the years. One of a small female child who haunts the small bar near the main entrance.

The Investigation

We didn't really know what to expect when arriving at this location. We hadn't really heard anything about the building or the spirits that were meant to haunt the pub. We met Rob, who was the host for the night and started upstairs in the conference room. Rob was putting us through our paces with some psychic tests and to see how well our minds were focused on the nights investigation. We got some good answers on Rob's ghost box, some quite detailed and they seemed to respond with the questions that we were asking. One lady had a go at automatic writing. She seemed at ease and drew some interesting pictures on the piece of paper.

We had a go on the ouija board next and it was moving well. It was only women on the board, which in our experience, works better than with men on it. We headed down into the main bar next. We tried the ouija board again, but this time us men went on the board. Nothing happened, it didn't move and seemed completely flat. Another lady had a go at automatic writing. Again her drawing was quite interesting.

At 1am we headed into the small bar at the front of the building. Michael and Alex (uk-haunted) went on the ouija board. Again nothing happened, the glass didn't move. But Michael did start feeling very dizzy and sick. The women went on the board next and it started moving around. We found out that a small female child called Sarah was making contact and that she had made Michael feel bad. One of the women on the board was upset when a message possibly about the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) came through.

The Conclusion

We had some good evidence from the ghost box and the ouija board from the spirits, but can we really use the board as evidence? We don't think so. We captured nothing on camera, video or audio. We believe that this pub may have some spirits in the building, but would need to do a more concentrated investigation of certain areas.

Maybe Haunted...